The owner of The Red Lantern may be new to Burnley but has a long history in Chinatown
Manchester.  Raymond Chans family opened the famous Charlie Chans restaurant way back in 1974.  
It soon became a popular haunt for many Celebes of that time including footballers snooker players
and TV Celebes who enjoyed the warm hospitality and the best food Chinatown had to offer.

After the closure of Charlie Chans in 1997 (due to conversion to apartments) the family moved on to
other businesses, the latest being the opening of  a karaoke club in Manchester  called  “Charlies” in
2003, which is still open and run by family.

Raymonds passion for good food has brought him back into catering but this time he feels that he
would like to offer his customers more than just a good meal which is why The Red Lantern will be
entertaining you through the weekend evenings with live music, so after eating you can relax with
drinks at your table, or if the mood takes you get up and have a dance! A whole evening under one

The Red Lantern looks forward to greeting new customers and making new friends.

Every Sunday
3 course
Set menu
@ £15.00
served from
3pm to 9.00pm

Friday - Saturday
5pm - 10pm

3pm - 9.00pm

Monday - W
Tel: 01282