2017 Xmas Menu & New Years Eve
Vegetarian Banquet
4 Course @ £22.00 per-person
(minimum 2 people)
Vegetarian Prawn Crackers with chilli sweet & sour dip
Diced Vegetable and Sweet Corn Soup
Vegetarian Platter
Tempura Vegetables, Salt & pepper Tofu, Vegetarian spring roll, Curry Vegetarian Parcel  & Seaweed
Dice mixed vegetable with cream sweet corn
Kung Po Tofu and Aubergine
Tofu and Aubergine in sweet & spicy sauce, served in a hot clay pot
Stir-fried Fresh Mushroom and Seasonal Greens with Garlic Sauce
fresh musroom and mixed seasonal green with garlic sauce
Pineapple Fried Rice
Diced pineapple, chopped Onions & with a hint of curry
Includes Christmas  Crackers
Lettuce Wrapped with Diced Vegetable
Served with pancakes, shredded cucumber, leeks and hoi sin sauce and crushed nut