2018 Xmas Menu
Vegetarian Banquet
4 Course @ £22.00 per-person
(minimum 2 people)
Vegetarian Prawn Crackers with chilli sweet & sour dip
Diced Vegetable and Sweet Corn Soup
Vegetarian Platter
Tempura Vegetables, Salt & pepper Tofu, Vegetarian spring roll, Curry Vegetarian Parcel  & Seaweed
Dice mixed vegetable with cream sweet corn
Kung Po Tofu and Aubergine
Tofu and Aubergine in sweet & spicy sauce, served in a hot clay pot
Stir-fried Fresh Mushroom and Seasonal Greens with Garlic Sauce
fresh musroom and mixed seasonal green with garlic sauce
Fried Rice
Includes Christmas  Crackers
Lettuce Wrapped with Diced Vegetable
Served with hoi sin sauce and crushed nut